Time & Place



Thurs, Aug 10
12:30 SSR
Washington Taylor (MIT)
String Vacua and the Quest for Predictions
Tues, Aug 15
2:00 AUD
Michael Haack (Munich)
On Loop Corrections to String Effective Actions
Thurs, Aug 17
12:30 SSR
Henry Tye (Cornell)
D-Brane Inflation: An update
Tues, Aug 22
2:00 AUD
Graham Ross (Oxford)
On fermion Masses and Nonabelian Discrete Symmetries
Thurs, Aug 24 Frid, Aug 25

LHC Olympics
Aug 28-Sep 1
Cast of characters
String Phenomenology 2006 CONFERENCE
Tues, Sept. 5
2:00 AUD
Organizational Meeting
Thurs., Sept. 7
12:30 AUD
David Berenstein (UCSB)
Weakly Coupled D-brane Phenomenology
Tues, Sept. 12
2:00 AUD
Scott Thomas (Rutgers)
Dark Matter: Possibilities and and Prospects for Detection
Thurs., Sept. 14
12:30 AUD
Fernando Quevedo (Cambridge)
Large Volume Moduli Stabilisation: Soft SUSY Breaking and Inflation
Tues., Sept. 19
2:00 AUD
Shamit Kachru
String theory and r
Thurs., Sep 21
12:30 AUD
Giovanni Villadoro
N=1 Effective Supergravities from D-brane Flux Compactifications
Tues., Sep 26
2:00 AUD
Keith Dienes (Arizona)
Heterotic Landscae
Thurs., Sept 28
**2:00 Broida Seminar Room
3302 Matt Headrick (Stanford)
Ricci Flow and Black Holes
Fri., Sept. 29
Math Department (TBA)
David Morrison Ricci flow, 3-manifolds, and physics
Tues., Oct 3
2:00 AUD
Steve Shenker(Stanford)
Measures in Old Eternal Inflation
Thurs., Oct 5
12:30 AUD
E. Dudas
D Terms
Tues., Oct. 10
2:00 AUD
Steve Shenker (Stanford)
Measures (continued)
Thurs., Oct. 12
12:30 AUD
Dr. Natalia Saulina (Caltech)
Stringy Instantons and Quiver Gauge Theories
Wed., Oct. 18
12:30 Small Seminar Room
Raman Sundrum (JHU)
Tues., Oct. 24
2:00 AUD
Keith Copsey (UCSB)
Bubbles Unbound: Bubbles of Nothing Without Kaluza-Klein
Thursday, Oct. 26
12:30 AUD
Eva Silverstein (Stanford and SLAC)
The Growth of Negativity: Geometry, Topology, and Dimensionality in String Theory
Tues., Oct. 31
2:00 AUD
Stuart Raby (Ohio State and KITP)
Constructing Three-Family Models from the E_8 x E_8 Heterotic String
Wed., Nov. 1
12:30 Small Seminar Room
Michael Douglas (Rutgers)
Computing Kahler Potentials in N=1 Compactifications
Thurs., Nov. 2
12:30 AUD
Liam Mcallister (Princeton)
Constraints on D-Brane Inflation